Sunday, July 8, 2007

July Cream Puffs

From July 8, 2007
Missing Tukta Long in Thailand
Thanks to Sharon Myers for text below

Peach Bellini with Fresh Mint

Chilled Vegetarian Asparagus Soup
with Lemon Cream and Fresh Garden Chives

Appetizer Medley Plate

1. Vegetable Terrine with carrots, green beans, sweet peppers, leeks, savory custard
2. Lemon Tabouli
3. Sliced Radishes with French bread, sweet butter, salt and pepper

Homemade Pasta
, three kinds: plain, fresh thyme, fresh sage. Served with a porcini - shiitake sauce
Green Salad with Deborah's famous dressing
Pinot noir

Sicilian Chocolate Gelato
and Coconut Jumbles (coconut and chocolate chip macaroons)

For Bellini, we recommend white peaches, sugar, lemon juice with crushed ice in a blender before adding the champagne. Serve with a sprig of fresh garden mint.
The vegetable terrine was good enough to try again, but needs attention.

Guests included Cecile Shapiro, Michael Krasner, John Calvi

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