Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Austrian Tea Room

Saturday, August 11

Enter through the gift shop.

Deck seating on a lovely day is exquisite.
Sunshine vodka is locally distilled and very good.
They must be proud of it to give me so much.
Two ounces is a lot. Isn't it?

Clockwise from top:
Herbed maple honey (spicy), warm potato salad with parsley and thyme, orange, veal sausage, sausage of beef, pork and Swiss cheese, Dijon-style mustard. (I'm sure there is an Austrian name for it.)

Clockwise from top:
Beef & pork sausage (boldly flavored, coarse grind), potato salad, beef & pork sausage (mildly flavored, fine grind), Maple mustard, Dijon-style mustard, orange, sauerkraut (aged cabbage with caraway and onion).

Note coarse grind. When cut, the sausage casing gave a very pleasant snap.

Part of the Trapp Family Lodge, this small restaurant charms, nourishes, and inspires. Desserts abound, but who could after all this sausage? Linzertorte (tart with raspberry filling in almond pastry), Lemon Frangipane Tart (lemon curd, almond custard, cookie crust), Apple Strudel (layers of pastry rolled around seasoned apples and raisins), among others.

$12 per double-sausage plate. With John Calvi.

Austrian Tea Room
Trapp Hill Road
Stowe, Vermont

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