Sunday, November 25, 2007

Researching Chocolate Companies

From whom can I buy chocolate that meets these criteria?
  • tastes good, looks good, and performs well
  • fairly compensates the grower and other laborers
  • is not dependent on the labor of children
  • is agriculturally sustainable and environmentally agreeable
  • includes additives, such as sugar, that have similar properties
  • is free of fruit, milk, nuts, soy
  • sells for about $1 per ounce
These companies have come to my attention. What chocolate do you use?

Cocoa Camino

Divine Chocolate
Of Ghanian origin

Ithaca Fine Chocolates

Of Ghanian origin

Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates

Theo Chocolate

Ones to watch***********************

Chocolate Co-op

Organic, but not fair-trade. Many awards for quality. Single-origin products.

Dagoba (now owned by Hershey's)

Equal Exchange

A distributor, not a manufacturer.

Scharffen Berger (now owned by Hershey's)


Pending fair trade certification

Yachana Chocolate

Chocolates mixed with tropical fruits and nuts only, no pure chocolate

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