Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bianca White Chocolate Cake

Bianca Jacobsen, née White, ends many years of employment with World Learning in favor of Mount Holyoke College. It was suggested I bake a cake. It had to be white, of course.

Cake: double-layer white chocolate butter cake using egg whites, split horizontally (4 layers)

Filling: raspberry mousse (3 layers)

Painting: Each cake layer, plus outside and top, were painted with raspberry conserve to intensify flavor and etch each slice with a bold red border between white cake and pink mousse.

Frosting: white chocolate butter cream

Decoration: fresh whole raspberries and tiny white chrysanthemums

Blessings on your way, Bianca.

Photo by Jesse DeLaughter.

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squindia said...

breathtaking! i am drooling.