Sunday, June 17, 2007


Saturday, June 16
1064 Madison Avenue between 80th and 81st streets, New York City.

Ham quiche
Field greens
Matzoh ball soup
Crisp, fried goat cheese patties
Cold borscht
Fried baby artichokes
Duck salad with sweet peppers and snow peas
Flourless chocolate torte
Unsweetened lemonade

Dozens of salads in the glass case. Shelves of fresh yeasted breads. Servers who are quick, pleasant, and efficient. Floor plan and traffic flow are pleasantly quirky. Run by a scion of the Zabar family.

Highlights were the borscht -- thick, brilliantly pink, scented with dill, delightful; the fried baby artichokes -- beautiful fried flowers, learned to eat just the inside; cheesecake -- tall, fluffy, light, rich with a hint of lemon that honors the cheese.

$15 - 25 per person.

Lunch with John Calvi and Robbin Marie Farrell

E A T Cafe

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