Monday, June 4, 2007

Will I Compromise?

So, I come back to my Google and look up Furi Magic Fingers and who's name should be everywhere in their website? Miss Move-It-Till-You-Loose-It, Rachel Ray.

I'm happily ignorant of her output, but my opinion is adopted from a couple Cream Puff Sundays ago. The consensus was withering, so I just assumed she was -- like Christopher Kimball and Martha Herself -- an ambitious opportunist with money and connections. I resented her name on the thing I wanted to buy.

I disdain an opportunist's success. For instance, that's why I cannot use McDonald's for anything but the flush toilets on the interstate. And thanks to Cream Puffs, now that I know better, the ambiguous pleasure I've taken from Cook's Illustrated is waning.

Dilemma: support the opportunist's success by purchasing something I want or look elsewhere? This is what the opportunist banks on. Maybe I can learn something from my relationship with His Eminence, Bill Gates. I use Microsoft products when there is little or no other choice, despite Mr Job's insistence. No, they actually work at something. They've created, invested, taken risks. Miss Ray, Mr Kimball, and Ms Stewart are in another category altogether.

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