Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kum Gang San

Saturday, June 16
49 West 32nd Street between Broadway and Fifth Avenue, New York City.

Red lettuce, sliced raw garlic, thick barbecue sauce
Jap chae
--Napa cabbage (3)
Pickled daikon
Pears in mayonnaise
Sweet potato cake with chili and garlic
Steamed white rice

Kalbi, sometimes transliterated as galbi, are pieces of boneless beef ribs marinated in soy, sugar, other seasonings, then grilled by diners at table. Bulgogi are boneless strips of steak cooked as above with strips of onion.

Cooked meat is rolled in lettuce with slices of fresh garlic and a thick, spicy barbecue sauce, and eaten by hand.

Tiny dishes of kimchi and pickled vegetables are crammed onto the table.

The two-story waterfall and white baby grand piano perched above are notable decorating touches. Kind of noisy, but busy and filled with a great mix of people, all having a good time.

Open 24 hours. $25 - 28 per person.

Dinner with John Calvi and John Tweddle

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